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"Creative, tail-wagging fun"  serving Norwich, VT and the surrounding area
Goldenbookends Family Dog Training offers training classes for all levels (puppy thru adult) at S.A.V.E.S., Lebanon,NH.   From May thru Oct. there are additional outdoor classes, "Canine Explorers" , in town settings for dogs six months to adult.    Private consults are provided upon request.

Come join us for some creative, tail-wagging fun for you and your canine companion! Together we will build your dog’s life skills (from puppy to adult) using a positive reinforcement, “hands-off-the-dog” approach to training – enabling your dog to become a thinking partner in the process. Develop a strong bond with your dog thru the use of games and self-control and focus exercises as you and your dog learn to communicate with each other. Prepare your dog to become a canine good citizen ready to accompany you anywhere! 
The "Bookends" - Pablo and Lady
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A Note From Sue To Your Puppy About Walking on the Lead!
Now, I know you know - and you know you know - not to pull on the lead. So help your family right now by occasionally not pulling. They will smile from ear to ear and be oh so happy, and you will get a reward! After all, isn't that what life is all about - happy things, living in the moment, and lots of rewards?! Occasionally it will be very hard for you not to pull. I totally understand how exciting the world is for you - there are simply just too many things to see at once. If you do forget and pull, you may all of a sudden feel the lead get tightened. That is not because a member of your family is pulling you back (because we know that they know not to do that). It is because you are still walking and they stopped. You can help them out by turning around and looking at them. I just bet when you do that they will be excited beyond words! Don't try to understand it, puppy, just go along with it. When you see them get that way when you look at them, walk closer to them and keep looking right up at them and put on your cutest face. Maybe even wiggle your tail a bit as you sit looking at them adoringly. You will be highly rewarded!

Good luck, puppy, as you embark on this journey of training your people. Keep reminding them that the language you both have in common is body language and treats and toys and praise. You don't need many words, do you? Because you know exactly what to do. Oh, one more thing puppy - try really hard not to grab your lead. If you don't grab the lead I am sure you will be taken on many wonderful adventures. And also, if you do forget and grab the lead, when they offer you a toy, take it! You know you want the toy because you know what works, don’t you?
A faithful friend is…
      the medicine of life. -Old Proverb